How clean is your home from bacteria, germs and viruses?

Finally, A US Patented Biodefense System Medically Proven To Kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs.



How do you know if your home is fully clean and protected from bacteria, germs and even the viruses that cause COVID-19?

Chances are, you probably have already been cleaning your home diligently, so it should be safe, right?

The problem is, as we live and breathe through the air every day, we are coming into contact with bacteria and viruses.

According to Professor Rob Dunn of Applied Ecology, North Carolina State University, each place that we sit is surrounded by hundreds or thousands of microbes hanging in the air, causing us to fall sick. Isn’t our home the safest place to live and work?

Even a single sneeze can discharge roughly 30,000 microbe-filled droplets travelling at up to 200 mph. A cough releases about 3,000 droplets, which reach speeds of 50 mph. A simple exhale produces 50 to 5,000 droplets.

You see, these germs don’t just come and go. Without effective cleaning, they won’t leave.

These harmful bacteria, also known as pathogens trapped in your homes, stay around, and extended inhaling of these can trigger a runny nose, flu, especially to children and the elderly who have weaker body immune systems.

You may be wondering, I already have an Ioniser/UV-C Based Air Purifier. Why DHP?

Ioniser and UV air purifiers give off Ozone (O3), which can damage the lungs.

Just inhaling tiny amounts of ozone can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and even throat irritation. Chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma can also be worsened and shouldn’t be put in a home where children and elderly parents live.

Now suppose you had a strong biodefense system that stays on 24/7/365 days and covers all parts of your home, including your toilets, and gives you only clean and purified air so that you and your family can be safe.

You see, over the past 24 years, Bentz Jaz has helped thousands of owners achieve 99.9% pest and bacteria-free homes. How would you like to ensure a clean home for your family?


Why Clean Families Love BJ Biodefense System

What Is Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP)?

Every indoor environment naturally contains ambient oxygen and humidity. Our patented technology breaks these molecules apart and reassembles them into DHP, a dry solution of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules.

Since all microbes require water from the environment to live, they attach themselves to the DHP molecules for survival. Once attached, DHP breaks down the microbes’ outer cell membrane, leading to its destruction.

DHP gas then flows to the six focal and vital points in your home, waiting to detect any virus or bacteria that comes, and immediately eliminates them, allowing ONLY clean air to flow in your homes.

Here’s A Direct Case Study On A Local Renowned Bank in Singapore

Post-installation, we did a first-month test on the reduction of contaminants within the bank itself. Here’s the result:

40% – 60% Pathogen Reduction within 1-2 weeks

70% Pathogen Reduction within 1 month

For homes, because it is smaller, it only takes 1 week to reduce up to 70% reduction of pathogens!

That’s not all. Did you know that DHP also Kills Insects and Removes Odor In Your Home?


Lice & nits: 100% killed over 48 hours
Mosquitoes: 100% killed over 2 hours
House flies: 100% killed over 24 hours
Crickets: 100% killed over 21 hours
Stink bugs: 100% killed over 24 hours
Yellow Jackets & nest: 100% killed over 24 hours


No Cigarettes

No Cigarettes

No Cigarettes

No Cigarettes

Hear from other industries that have benefited from BJ Biodefense System!

In fact, BJ Biodefense System is already used in all these areas!